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Putting a Chromebook into developer mode and updating it. Other options allow you to enable secure shell (SSH) access and set a custom password you can use to access it. You can then use an SSH. 2016. 7. 27. · I have accepted the "Chromebook challenge." So far, I have successfully ssh'ed into my new Google Compute Engine from ChromeOS's built in ssh terminal. But now I am faced with the task of connecting to an Amazon RDS (relational database service) instance that a consulting client has set up for me. I have found no tutorials how to do this. 2019. 8. 27. · Accessing the crosh shell. Just press ctrl + alt + T and this brings you to what’s called the crosh shell (command prompt or terminal) on a Chromebook. The crosh shell will now launch in a separate tab of the Chrome browser. Once the crosh shell has launched, you’ll type “shell” to get to the root Linux shell from within your Chrome. In this guide, we discuss how to access your remote Linux machine via SSH using ngrok. Ngrok exposes local servers behind NATs and firewalls to the public internet over secure tunnels.
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